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Tree Felling Services in Dunstable

Dunstable Tree Services offers a comprehensive tree felling service to both domestic and commercial customers in the local area. We have a team of experienced and qualified arborists who are equipped with the latest tree felling equipment to carry out the work safely and efficiently.

We can fell trees of all sizes, from small garden trees to large commercial trees, and we will always take care to minimise any damage to your property. We also offer a stump grinding service to remove any unwanted stumps from your property.

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Why You Need To Fell Your Trees

Trees are an important part of our ecosystem. They provide us with oxygen, help to keep the soil healthy and provide homes for wildlife. However, there are times when felling a tree is necessary. Here are some reasons why you might need to fell your trees:

  1. The tree is diseased or dying. If a tree is sick, it can spread its disease to other trees and plants. It can also be a safety hazard if it falls over.
  2. The tree is too close to your house or another structure. Trees that are too close to buildings can damage them if they fall over.
  3. The tree is blocking sunlight from reaching your home or garden.
  4. You need the wood for firewood or other purposes.

If you need to fell a tree, it’s important to hire a professional tree service to do the job. They will have the proper equipment and experience to safely fell the tree and remove it from your property.

Safety Precautions in Felling A Tree

Felling a tree is a dangerous job. Always hire a professional tree service to do the job for you. If you must do it yourself, take the following safety precautions:

  1. Make sure the tree is not too close to power lines or other structures.
  2. Plan your escape route in case the tree falls in the wrong direction.
  3. Cut the tree into small sections so you can control where it falls.
  4. Use a chainsaw or other cutting tool to make the cuts. Do not use an axe as it can rebound and hit you.
  5. Wear protective clothing, including gloves, goggles, and earplugs or headphones to protect against noise.
  6. Be aware of your surroundings and watch out for other people or animals that could be in the path of the falling tree.

With proper safety precautions, felling a tree can be a safe and easy job. Always hire a professional tree service like Dunstable Tree Services to do the job for you to ensure it is done safely and correctly.